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About me.

London-based writer, content strategist and fintech journalist

I’m Alex Hamilton. If you’re looking for the musical or the BBC weather presenter I’m afraid you’re in the wrong place.


What I am is a journalist and writer with going on a decade of experience in writing about technology and the financial technology sector.


I’ve seen what life is like from both sides of the content divide, and know what makes both audiences and the hacks tick.


Whether it’s producing weekly blog content, creating a 10,000 deep dive report on a niche subject, or talking about your favourite GIFs on a podcast, I bring a unique and audience-grabbing angle to the way companies present themselves.


I hold an MA in Ancient History, and love bringing lessons from the past to shape the way we present the future. I once presented a 25-minute talk about what the Romans can teach us about blockchain. True story.


Even in my spare time I manage to find myself at a keyboard as an aspiring fiction writer. You can check out my published work here.


Want to get in touch? Use the links on the site.



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