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#RedditWriters and TL;DR - Part 2

So, the time is finally here! TL;DR: A Redditwriters Mixtape is live and available on Amazon.

For the history behind the project, as well as how the great community known as the #RedditWriters begun, you can read my Part 1 here.

It's seemed an age, and yet it's also upon us so quickly. What started as a half-formed idea has emerged as a full-fledged anthology of some awesome work by some talented writers, all written in aid of charity Médecins Sans Frontière.

Joe Butler, the maestro behind the anthology, explains it best on his blog:

"All of the money from the sales of TL;DR will go directly to Doctors Without Borders...  It will be available on Amazon for the low low price of £1.99 ($2.77). CreateSpace will allow you to order a hard copy printed version of TL;DR which you can hold in your hands, and smell, and all the other stuff you might like to do with a book.

"I am so proud of what we have done as a community. The whole process has been really positive. Even the people who didn’t make it in to the anthology deserve thanks for being so gracious. This really wouldn’t have been possible without all of the #Redditwriters group coming together and making it happen."

As explained in my previous post I, along with three other editors (and Joe) went through a whole host of excellent entries and helped edit them into a final product. A total of 48 entries came in, with more than 60,000 words written. Cameron Scott Frank helped in getting it ship-shaped.

As I've also mentioned, two of my short stories, "A Job to Die For" and "A Bargain in Blood" made it into the anthology and it's super exciting, especially as I feel the two are some of my best works to date. In the near future I'll post exceprts of them on my site.

Hopefully this will be just the first of many collaborations undertaken by the #RedditWriters community, and we will see Pt. 2 and 3 before too long!

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