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On Love, Death & Robots

Netflix's new series Love, Death & Robots caught my eye almost immediately when it was first advertised. I'm a sucker for collections of animated shorts, and love to hoover up the varied ideas of collective groups of writers.

I remember being obsessed with the Animatrix when it released as a follow up to The Matrix and The Matrix Reloaded. To some extent Love, Death & Robots scratches that same itch.

Although some of the plotlines in the show are questionable, and a lot of the shorts seem to rely on a combination of shock value, nudity and graphic violence to get their point across, the animation quality on some of these stories is nothing less than breathtaking.

I had to stop the player a few times during the short "Lucky 13" to check that the animators hadn't snuck real actors into scenes, the visual fidelity was so good. Other shorts, like "Three Robots" manage to be poignant and funny at the same time.

I am always envious of those who can create stories which can be told in just under 12 minutes, and I have to say that the people behind the 18 stories in Love, Death & Robots have inspired me to no end.

Roll on more shows like this on Netflix, it makes the subscription fee more than worth it and scratches that sci-fi/dystopian itch that sits ever-present at the back of my skull.


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