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52 Books in 52 Weeks - May's Books

I did it. I'm sorry. I knew I would at some point. I got dragged back into historical non-fiction. May should have been the month in which I pulled far ahead of the "one a week" goal and get myself some breathing room.

Instead, I decided to buy Antony Beevor's 550-page epic about the downfall of Berlin in 1945. While I great read, it took me a grand total of 18 days to get it read. One book in two and a bit weeks is not the speed I need to be doing!

So, I only managed to complete three books in May:

  • Dogs of War by Adrian Tchaikovsky

  • All Systems Red by Martha Wells

  • Berlin: The Downfall 1945 by Anthony Beevor

Of the three, I can't recommend Tchaikovsky's work enough. It was exceptional sci-fi writing exploring the nature of man, machine, animal and humanity set in a future dominated by private companies and under-powered national governments.

I know I started this post off with an apology, but I should probably end with an apology, too - I bought another historical non-fiction book! The memoirs of a German U-boat crewman from WW2. I'm flying through it at the moment, though, so hopefully it wont hinder me getting a good five or six books read this month.

Until next time!

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