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52 books: #2 - The Templars by Dan Jones

Book: The Templars

Author: Dan Jones

Page count: 432

Date started: 01/01/18

Date finished: 19/01/18

This one took some time because it was quite a long book, non-fiction, and I chose to listen to most of it instead of actually read it.

Nonetheless, Dan Jones provides an excellent historical narrative of one of Christendom's most enigmatic orders - The Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon, also known as the Knights Templar.

Jones tackles more than three hundred years' worth of history with ease, and manages to hit all the key historical notes along the way, contextualising them and providing intriguing biographies of the key figures across the age.

Medieval history is an area I've not read widely in, so it was great to expand my knowledge in both temporally and geographically.

I did promise myself when I started that I would avoid historical non-fiction as much as possible, so hopefully this wiill be one of the few entries in that genre you will see over the coming weeks.

At any rate, the book was on offer on Amazon at the time I bought it, and I would definitely reccomend picking it up, not least for Jones's ability to provide an interesting narration, too.


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